Kapstream is the leading choice for institutional and individual investors seeking an alternative approach to fixed income, combining capital preservation techniques with unconstrained portfolio management skills in the pursuit of stable, absolute returns.

total fum $12.6bn
Funds under management as at 30th April 2018
  • 6.6bn Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund
  • 4.2bn Segregated Absolute Return Income Portfolios
  • 0.9bn Segregated Sovereign Bond & Cash Portfolios
  • 0.9bn Janus Henderson US Absolute Return Income Portfolios

Investment vehicles

Our flagship global absolute return fixed income strategy is accessible via a pooled fund, the Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund, or for larger institutional investors via segregated portfolios which may be tailored to meet specific requirements.

  • Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund

    The Fund aims to deliver an absolute return superior to cash benchmarks, generating stable and consistent income while preserving capital and minimising downside loss.

  • Segregated portfolios

    Kapstream manages segregated portfolios for institutional and wholesale investors under our flagship absolute return strategy, as well as portfolios tailored to meet individual risk return requirements, or to provide bespoke exposure to specific fixed income sectors.

How can I invest?

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