For overseas investors

Kapstreams flagship Global Absolute Return Fixed Income Strategy, and other bespoke fixed income portfolio strategies, are available to larger institutional investors around the world through segregated portfolios within separately managed accounts. These are typically tailored to reflect different individual risk or return requirements or currency preferences, and/or to include – or avoid – exposure to specific fixed income sectors. For further information and to discuss your own requirements, please contact us.

Subject to local regulation, law and tax provisions, some investors located in countries outside Australia may be able to invest in Kapstream’s Australian unit trust vehicles, though it is important that those investors satisfy themselves of any restrictions or conditions that may apply. An application form for non-Australian companies and trusts wishing to invest into Kapstream funds can be found at the bottom of this page.

The team is also responsible for managing the following pooled funds under the firms flagship ‘cash plus 2%’ strategy outside Australia:

Under the firms ‘cash plus 3%’ strategy the following pooled funds are available outside Australia:

For further details on any of these funds, please click on the links above or contact us.

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