For institutional investors

Kapstream has worked on behalf of a predominantly institutional client base since establishment in 2006. Today, more than 50 of Australia’s largest institutional investors – comprising superannuation funds, government entities, insurance companies, multi-managers, family offices, endowments and charities – entrust us with the management of their assets.

The Kapstream Absolute Return Income Strategy is an alternative to conventional fixed income approaches, focusing on capital preservation while maintaining low volatility and daily liquidity to provide stable and consistent income distributions. It invests on an unconstrained basis in a diverse portfolio of predominantly short dated domestic and international investment grade bonds.

Segregated Portfolios

For larger institutional investors Kapstream manages bespoke segregated portfolios within separately managed accounts. These are typically tailored to reflect marginally different risk or return requirements; to include – or avoid – exposure to specific fixed income sectors, or to meet particular exclusion requirements such as those where ESG issue considerations need to be taken into account. For further information and to discuss your own requirements, please contact us.

Pooled Fund

Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund

A dedicated institutional share class is available for institutional investors able to take advantage of the benefits of investing through a pooled fund. The Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund is an open-ended authorised Australian unit trust. The latest performance commentary for institutional investors in the Fund is available here. Interests in the Fund are offered by Fidante Partners Limited who provide a range of administration and distribution services to Kapstream, and are the Responsible Entity for the Fund. By clicking on the links to Fund documents provided below (and elsewhere on Kapstreams website) you will be re-directed to the Fidante website.


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