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Things are again getting messy in Europe with renewed concerns over what will become the 66th Italian government in the 73 years following World War II.  We at Kapstream believe there was never going to be an election outcome that would be positive from a markets point of view. But perhaps the biggest symbol in the mismanagement of Rome was the 2017 72-foot Christmas tree in Piazza Venezia, nicknamed “Spelacchio” or “Mangy” or “Baldy” due to the lack of needles which was described as “a shameful spectacle for citizens and tourists.”  A subsequent investigation revealed the tree cost the city €48,000.  So much for reform...

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Kapstream appoints analyst, promotes internally

Kapstream Capital welcomed a new credit analyst this week and announced internal promotions for three of its investment team members.

KangaNews Awards 2017 - Kapstream awarded Australian Credit Fund Manager of the Year!

Kapstream is honoured to be voted Australian Credit Fund Manager of the Year by KangaNews, which since their inception in 2007 remain entirely based on the votes of market participants through a thorough and intensive polling of those involved in the Australian and New Zealand debt markets. “As one of the most active fixed income managers in Australia, Kapstream has earned its place as one of the most reputable participants in domestic credit markets, and to be recognised for this by our industry peers and partners is a great privilege”, said Raymond Lee, Head of Credit and Senior Portfolio Manager at Kapstream.

Key Fixed Income Decisions & Themes

Kumar Palghat outlines the key themes and decisions investors face in thinking about fixed income portfolios.

Portfolio Managers Nick Maroutsos and Dan Siluk ring the NYSE Opening Bell!

In celebration of the successful November 2016 launch of the Janus Henderson Short Duration Income ETF (NYSE: VNLA, managed under the Kapstream/Janus Henderson Global Macro Fixed Income flagship ‘cash plus 2-3%’ strategy), Nick Maroutsos and Dan Siluk were invited to ring the opening bell at the NYSE on Tuesday 10th October.

Kapstream mindset and the swinging pendulum

, Kapstream 2016 Adviser Roadshow

Kumar Palghat discusses the mindset of the Kapstream team in constructing the portfolio.

Why we like credit as an asset class

, Kapstream 2016 Adviser Roadshow

Raymond Lee, Head of Credit and Portfolio Manager at Kapstream Capital, discusses the team’s view on credit and how it feeds into current portfolio positioning.

Will low interest rates save the economy?

Steve Goldman and James Bloom from Kapstream penned an article for Switzer around the long term effects of prolonged low interest rates. Click on the link to find out more.

How can I invest?

The global absolute return fixed income specialist.