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Whether the world is a better or worse place today compared to June 2007 is an entirely subjective call, fully dependent on the lens through which one gazes. In the decade since Kapstream’s founding, we’ve seen phenomenal changes, particularly in the technology sector. On par with the euphoria surrounding Kapstream’s inception, what has become perhaps an even bigger cultural icon, the iPhone – see how it’s not even necessary to reference creator Apple? – priced at USD600 for the first 8GB model, was also launched to the world in June 2007...

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Decayed Decade?

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Unknown unknowns

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New Year New Beginnings

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Kapstream mindset and the swinging pendulum

, Kapstream 2016 Adviser Roadshow

Kumar Palghat discusses the mindset of the Kapstream team in constructing the portfolio.

Why we like credit as an asset class

, Kapstream 2016 Adviser Roadshow

Raymond Lee, Head of Credit and Portfolio Manager at Kapstream Capital, discusses the team’s view on credit and how it feeds into current portfolio positioning.

Will low interest rates save the economy?

Steve Goldman and James Bloom from Kapstream penned an article for Switzer around the long term effects of prolonged low interest rates. Click on the link to find out more.

How can I invest?

The global absolute return fixed income specialist.